Sons of the East are an Australian indie-folk trio formed in 2011 by Nic Johnston, Dan Wallage and Jack Rollins. They issued their debut self-titled extended play in August 2013, which provided their single, “Come Away”. A staff reporter at News felt the EP was a “soulful blend of keys, banjo, guitar and charismatic vocals are propelling them to higher and higher ground, with audiences struck by their effortlessly timeless songs.”

Chris Familton of The Music caught their performance in November 2013, he observed “Rollins’ voice is a special one, a mixture of raspy growl and sweet croon – the deal-breaker amid the fairly narrow stomp and strum modern folk sound they have… [together] with their banjo/guitar/keys sound, throwing in some didgeridoo, harmonica.”

In November 2015 they released another EP, Already Gone, with Air. Its reviewer describing their music as “a saucy, heterogeneous melting pot of diverse indie sounds and sundry folk melodies; a multifarious and motley mix of banjo, organ, piano, guitar, stirring harmonies and the occasional didgeridoo. The result is a modern, alternative folk sound that draws on truly eclectic influences from far and wide, but somehow winds up feeling like home. In other words… It’s good.