Hi Gelo:
 I would like to recommend an activity about the lyrics of the song called “American Pie”, bacause they are very strange (I think so…).
 There are a lot of articles, webpages, blogs, forums, analysis and different interpretations of Don McLean’s song lyrics. 
 When you write “lyrics of American Pie” in Google, you receive more than 10.900 results !!!!
 I love this song, but I can’t understand its “message”.
 Thank you in advance.

Well, Lois, thank you very much for your recommendation. I have found a very interesting video that might help all of us to understand better what the lyrics mean. 

Here are the lyrics too

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Hi,Gelo! How’s  it going?
As I promised you, here  you are; the video about some expressions with the word hair.If you visit this website, you can see the other videos with ” the teacher” . Dont get jealous ,you’re the best teacher….