Hi Gelo, I´d like to cheer all up. Here is a poem about the difficulties of pronunciation in the English Language.

Poem:Our Strange Lingo (written by Lord Cromer, published in the Spectator of August 9th,1902)

When the English tongue we speak.

Why is break not rhymed with freak?

 Will you tell me why it’s true

 We say sew but likewise few?

 And the maker of the verse,

Cannot rhyme his horse with worse?

Beard is not the same as heard

Cord is different from word.

 Cow is cow but low is low

Shoe is never rhymed with foe.

Think of hose, dose,and lose

And think of goose and yet with choose

Think of comb, tomb and bomb,

Doll and roll or home and some.

 Since pay is rhymed with say

 Why not paid with said I pray?

Think of blood, food and good.

Mould is not pronounced like could.

Wherefore done, but gone and lone –

 Is there any reason known?

 To sum up all, it seems to me

 Sound and letters don’t agree.


If you hear Yusuf Islam,perhaps you won’t know who I’m speaking about;but if I say Cat Stevens,maybe you do,maybe don’t.But this is a very good song,one of my favorite.

Father and Son is a song of hope for the current situation.In fact, it’s used at the beginning of a radio program where the philosopher José Antonio Marina speaks about the educational problems and possible solutions.

“Cat Stevens originally wrote “Father and Son” as part of a proposed musical project with actor Nigel Hawthorne called Revolussia, that was set during the Russian Revolution; the song was about a boy who wanted to join the revolution against the wishes of his father. The musical project faded away with the onset of more than a year-long period of recuperation after a sudden bout of tuberculosis and a collapsed lung; the result of too much fast living after first achieving fame. but “Father and Son” remained, now in a broader context that reflected not just the societal conflict of Stevens’ time, but also captured the impulses of older and younger generations in general”.