“All the Luck in the World” are an alternative three-piece band from Ireland, consisting of Neil Foot, Ben Connolly and Kelvin Barr. Neil founded the Band in November 2011, who spent the winter writing and recording music with different friends and playing acoustic sets at local venues.

With a small, home-recorded discography posted on YouTube, the songs started to gain some unexpected attention. The band began to attract a small but enthusiastic following that has continued to grow. The song “Never” accompanied by some simple footage of a car journey steadily climbed in views. It had reached an impressive 70,000 hits without any promotion when in 2013, a feature in a Trivago advertisement allowed for “All the Luck in the World” to reach a larger audience, with “Never” being given significant media exposure. Since the airing of the spot, the video has gained over 1,000,000 views.

The band spent much of spring of 2013 at Neil’s home in the quiet Wicklow countryside working hard on writing new material, and after agreeing a deal with Barfilm Records, they began plans to record their debut album. In summer, the group spent 2 weeks recording in Denee, Belgium and another 4 weeks in Berlin recording and mixing. In November they spent some more studio days in Haldern to give the album recordings the final touch and to record two further songs.

After busy recording sessions the band went home to Ireland to rest and began preparations for performing and promoting the record. The album combines the core elements of “All the Luck in the World’s” homemade acoustic sound with larger instrumental arrangements, while maintaining an intimate feel.