written composition timeline 

I will give you a topic to write about at the beginning of the week. You will have then one week to carry out your projects.

The next week you will submit your essays through our Edmodo platform C1 group. The deadline to send your writings via email is 9 o’clock in the evening on Wednesday. No pieces of work will be admitted after this deadline.

The following week I will send you back your texts pointing out where the mistakes are.

Then you will have a week to hand in the corrected version.

One week later I will give you your corrected composition checked and I will give you the topic for the following writing project.


written composition guidelines

computer typed

extension: one side of a piece of paper

spacing: text must be double spaced

correction symbols

v= vocabulary

p= preposition

g= grammar

sp= spelling

pt= punctuation

t= tense

wf= word formation

wo= word order

?= I have no idea what you mean 🙂

correction protocol

hand in both, the original and the corrected version, in two different pieces of paper

Don’t make notes on the original

corrections must be in bold capital letters and highlighted