Hi Gelo!

How are you? You know I usually follow your blog, I really like the topics you propose to talk about in class. Unfortunately, I’m not there anymore to take part in the conversation, but I wanted to share something with you about the last topics you talked about: Depression and loneliness.

Well, to be more accurate, I would like to share some points related to that but in a more positive way. Lately, I have read a couple of books about joy and happiness and both of them were written starting with a main character that was dealing with depression and lack of purpose in their life. The thing is, sometimes those feelings can be a trigger that ignites a deep positive change in our lives. I read that (at least in Spanish) “crisis” and “crisálida” share the same root, the Sanskrit prefix “Kri”, so in a way, it can lead to a new promising beginning.

Here I send you a quote that transmit hope and faith, from my point of view these two things are essential when we are feeling down. But also, in our way to defeat depression and loneliness, it would be very useful to focus on things that help us to boost our spirit, like love of course and physical contact which have been proved to have the power to increase life expectancy, music that can instantly make us feel in a better mood, or humor that is so important to maintain in all circumstances.


  1. Paula June 4, 2019 / 12:39 AM

    How I miss those conversations too Helena! Thanks for sharing it, I’m not there anymore either and I would like to add that everything happens for a reason and, definitely, you have been planted! 😊

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